May 9, 2015

Food in Pictures

This is a collection of my own personal photos, taken within the past few months.  I hope it inspires you to cook more and just enjoy life with those you love.  Comments welcome.  Also, click on the Instagram icon and follow me for daily photos and posts from around the world!

Flavor your rice cooking water with fresh jasmine! - Restaurant NAHM, Bangkok
Making kibbeh the old-fashioned way in Zahleh, Lebanon. Lamb, bulgur and spice.. and everything nice!

Team effort: pounding the kibbeh (aka Lebanese Tartare) in a giant and extremely heavy stone mortar.

My parents' terrace, place of some of my fondest food memories.

The garden of my childhood in Broumana, Lebanon.

An idea for Tomato Season: heirloom tomatoes, garlic paste: garlic, salt, parsley & olive oil prepared in a mortar & pestle. Heaven on a plate!

At my table a few weeks ago: Zaatar thyme pies, Armenian Bulgur Salad, Lebanese Chicken Skewers, from-scratch Hummus and pickled wild cucumbers and aubergines, stuffed with walnuts and peppers. Pickles are always a good accompaniment to a Mid-Eastern meal.

An idea for more healthy appetizers? Fresh organic fava beans and peas in a pod, with freshly-cut carrots, sprinkled with lemon juice.  Deliciously simple.

The finished product: Lebanese Tartare (Kibbeh Nayyeh). Scoop it up with pita, a tiny bit of garlic paste and a piece of fresh white onion.  The perfect bite!

Mom's Table, any given Sunday. All veg courtesy of Dad's garden. Broumana, Lebanon.