January 19, 2016

More Pics of Food and Travels!

A small collection of my food pics from the past 12 months.  Most pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.  Enjoy!

Expo Milano: a remarkable education on what humans do
with (and to) their food supplies - eye opening!
After queueing for hours at the Expo, it was
time for a Martini, exquisitely prepared by
the famous Alessandro at the Bulgari Hotel.  When in Milano!

This beauty is served daily in Mexico City, at my favorite temple
of seafood, Restaurant Contramar
So much great food in Mexico's capital, such as at Fonda Fina,
a modern tavern dishing out incredible fare

The landscape of  northern Lebanon, where we stayed for a weekend in the Summer. What a view!

Beit Douma, the 17th Century house we shared with 6 other guests in the idyllic village of Douma in northern Lebanon

Happily savoring a South American version of Steak Tartare at Fonda Fina, Mexico City
around Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants Awards 2015
My father's idea for combatting iron deficiency!
Fresh Lebanese beef of the finest kind over breakfast in the garden

My hometown of Broumana, Lebanon roars with the quintessential sound of Summer:
cycadas singing in the pine trees

Gorgeous, juicy apples the size of my hand grow in the cool
climate at the foothills of Mount Sannine, Lebanon

Freshly-picked Summer zucchinis. Simply fry them in oil, and top with your favorite herbs!
I like dried mint or sumac.
Learned a new trick: burning a piece of coal over
coffee grounds wards off those pesky flies!

Happy New Year!